Our Nutrition Plan

We believe that you don’t have to do punishing workouts to lose weight, when it comes to weight loss food is the real key. Our diet has a healthy balance of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, calories, portion sizes, and more! Keeping your nutrition needs as the centre point the diet is then designed based on your individual lifestyle & food choices.

Veg or Non Veg – We will make it healthy

On our diet, you have the choice of being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian or an eggetarian. In all these options, we give you plenty of choices, so you enjoy eating the foods.

Important: Whichever type of diet you choose, you always have option of changing it by contacting the coach.

Experience the joy of our calorie care

We believe in creating a calorie deficit so all our plans are Tailor made and not Algorithm based, in all our plans focus has been given on each ingredient which we believe will be the most important factor of achievement success in being healthy and control weight. Thus, our plans come with specific quantity and nutritional values of each ingredient and meals.

Family Friendly Plans

All our plans are crafted very diligently after considering the needs of the entire family and not just you. So that you enjoy your happy meals with the entire family.

No Herbal Powder or Medicine

We have made sure that you lose weight in totally natural way and there are no medicine included in any of your plans. We also do not recommend any Herbal Powders or supplements.

Your Shopping List Ready!

You can enjoy your health plans without getting hassled about grocery purchase so we created all our weekly plans with a unique feature of Shopping Cart, just print / share your grocery shopping list and enjoy hassle free purchases.

Our Intelli Coach

Once you subscribe , you can always reach our “intelli” coach, who will take care of you, and your health & fitness needs. So, there's someone who understands you, so you get better results.

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