About Us

Everything you need to know about Mera Health Genie

Mera Health Genie is a wellness venture promoted by A Gold Medallist Physiotherapist from the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), and also a qualified Dietician who later went on to establish the “Mera Health Genie Wellness, India” in 2009 with a vision to offer the best remedies possible through the medium of alternative medicines.

The Mera Health Genie team has effectively used Physiotherapy, Diet and Nutrition, Yoga, and Acupressure to help numerous people recover from an injury or manage a long term problem, achieving fitness goals, managing weight and well being.

The team has build their experience while working in the best medical institutions and hospitals in Mumbai and recognises the benefits and success of encouraging and helping people to use a multi-disciplinary programme to find the best possible remedy.

The entire team of trained and qualified medical professionals aim to provide all wellness needs of the client under one roof and at the same time offer the most affordable services. The wide variety of programs designed by the Mera Health Genie team will enable everyone to benefit and Live Fit.

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