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Five Fun replica watches For Serious Collectors ADVERTISEMENT

Despite its ever-anachronistic roots, watchmaking and collecting are often very serious affairs. From hunting the forums for tidbits of information like some modern-day time-obsessed Indiana Jones to the careful math (and clairvoyance) of auction results, it's not surprising that fake watch collecting can often feel needlessly heavy.

As with many of life's passions, it can be valuable to zoom out, consider the stakes and, you know, take it easy. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from the endless parade of asset-class wrist wear and just throw on something that makes you smile while also being interesting enough to stand in for other options you might have at your disposal. Here are five good-time replica watches that can hang out happily in any serious collector's collection.The stakes have never been lower.

G-Shock AWM500GD-9A "Full Metal?

I'll start with this fake watch as it's the fake watch that inspired this story. I don't think I gave this model a second glance until I saw chic collector extraordinaire and Talking replica watches alum John Goldberger wearing it on Instagram. If you follow Mr. Goldberger (and you should), it could be easy to miss the occasional G-Shock among this Italian parade of Cartier, Replica Rolex, and Patek Philippe, but that's kind of my point.

While there are a handful of extra-fun ?and less serious - replica watches on Mr. Goldberger's feed (including a modern Omega Ploprof), there is something so deeply cool about seeing this ana-digi gold-plated Casio sandwiched between a Cartier Crash and a Patek reference 3597/2. Despite being a deeply different sort of fake watch from any angle, this golden re-issue of Casio's ?0s ana-digi fits the vibe, and it's just so much fun.

Casio G-Shock AQM500GD-9A "Full Metal? $550 via Hodinkee shop

The Q Timex

Hugely on-trend when it was first released in 2019, the 1970s-themed Q Timex Reissue offers fuss-free vintage vibes with none of the baggage that often comes with a truly vintage watch. Since the reissue release, Timex has expanded the range to include gold-tone, multiple dial colorways, and even a certain LE that we really like.

The Q is an undeniably fun fake watch that is made all the more entertaining by its complete lack of stakes (quartz, 50 meters of water resistance, inexpensive price point), useful functionality thanks to its 12-hour bezel, and the option of that summer-perfect full-gold look.

It's 38mm of fun, great for almost any taste, and it starts at $179. Treat yo?self. The Q Timex Reissue, from $179 via Timex.com

Mr Jones "A Perfectly Useless Afternoon?

Regardless of your collection, this pool-themed fake watch from Mr Jones is an easy-wearing ode to the summer that not only serves as a break from one's more serious replica watches but also as a reminder to stop and do nothing every now and then.

Mr Jones is a fascinating brand that's created a wide array of thought-provoking and fun-loving designs, but this watch, which is literally called A Perfectly Useless Afternoon has a cartoonish flair that makes the most of color, light, and depth (look at that shadow!), while quite literally painting a picture of a lazy day at the pool.

Designed by Kristof Devos, an author and illustrator of children's books, this colorful quartz-powered fake watch is 37mm wide and uses the floating rubber duck to indicate minutes while the hours are indicated via the extended leg of the tiny person adrift in this wrist-borne pool. Speaking directly to the macro point of this story, it's nothing short of a vacation for your wrist. Mr Jones fake watch A Perfectly Useless Afternoon, £175 via mrjoneswatches.com

Just About Any Swatch

We here at HODINKEE are big Swatch fans and part of that appeal comes from the brand's ability to make enthusiast replica watches with a sense of levity and expression. I've seen Swatches just about everywhere, from the halls of my childhood elementary school to the banks of Lake Como at one of the most elegant car shows in the entire world.

If you're into watches, you should definitely consider a Swatch of some sort, be it a HODINKEE LE Sistem51, or something a bit more readily available, like the Skin Classic (a fav among more than one HODINKEE staffer) or one of the ever-cool MOMA editions, like this reference that is styled after Van Gogh's "Starry Starry Night.?/p>

The options are endless, but Swatch has a very special place in many collectors?hearts because their replica watches are inexpensive, easy to wear, full of style, and connect to folks at every level of fake watch enthusiasm. Pick one that suits your style and be sure to show it a good time.

Swatch Watches, from $55, via the Hodinkee Shop, and the wider collection via Swatch.com

Vostok Amphibia

Vostok Amphibia 420959. Image via vostokamphibia.com (same for lead image).

Did you really think I'd do an entire list of non-diver quartz watches? When you think "cheap-as-chips?and full of charm, few replica watches deliver as well as the Russian-made Vostok Amphibia divers. Available in a wide array of versions, this is a fake watch that was introduced to many a collector via Bill Murray as Steve Zissou in Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic.

An ocean-based legend in its own right, the humble Amphibia can commonly be found on eBay for under $100, and for the money, you get a quirky dive fake watch that stands out among Seikos and certainly doesn't lack personality. If you want specifics, it's hard to argue with the "Scuba Dude?versions (so-called for the drawing of a diver on the dial) or the red-black numberless bezel of the handsome 420959 versions. But, much like with Swatch, for best results, just follow your taste.Vostok Amphibia, from $80 via vostokamphibia.com

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The HODINKEE Shop is an Authorized Dealer for G-Shock, Swatch, and Timex. Mr Jones' A Perfectly Useless Afternoon is available at mrjoneswatches.com; the Vostok Amphibia is available at vostokamphibia.com.

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