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Five Great Post-Christmas replica watches Including Potentially The Nicest Gilt Submariner We've Ever Seen (Ever)

Today, in this quick post-Christmas What's Selling Where, we are bringing you five replica watches available from dealers and eBay, including an Eberhard, Heuer, Longines, and Juvenia. Oh, and probably the nicest gilt Submariner we have ever seen. Like ever.

Eberhard Chronograph

These "Pre-Extra-Fort?Eberhard chronographs have dramatically increased in interest and value.

This one is a particularly great example. From the crown to the glass crystal, it appears all original and unpolished. These are particularly wearable chronographs as they are almost 40mm in diameter.

This Eberhard is available for $7,899 from Vince Grupi of Lost Times.

Rolex Submariner reference 5513 Gilt Underline

This Submariner is crazy not for its highly-desirable underline dial and pointed crown guard case, but for its truly New Old Stock (NOS) condition.

A lot of times, NOS is thrown around for replica watches with a little bit of wear, but this is a whole different level of deadstock. Just check out the case, bracelet, beveled lugs, and dial!

And the cherry on top is the original green Replica Rolex sticker on the case back.

This Submariner is available with price on request from Matthew Bain. Is it crazy? Yes. Will you ever see another gilt underline 5513 in this condition? Probably not.

Heuer Autavia reference 2446

The so-called "Mark III" Autavia, also called the "Jochen Rindt" is one of my favorite Heuers and has a very Replica Rolex Daytona-like feel, with a thinner bezel than the earlier Autavias. This happens to have the 1-12 hour bezel.

Of interest, it appears to be on a J.B. Champion mesh bracelet like the ones worn by the early NASA astronauts.

And, importantly, it appears to be all original and unpolished. Notice the bevels on the lugs.

The high bid on this Autavia is currently $4,805 and it has not yet met its reserve.

Longines Chronograph from the 1920s

These early 1920s chronographs are growing on me. This Longines chronograph in silver happens to be a very attractive fake watch and has the desirable and is powered by the seldom-seen Longines calibre 13.33, which was a precursor to the 13ZN.

This Longines is available from Zaf Basha at Classic fake watch for $4,495.

Juvenia Slimatic

On the more affordable side of the spectrum, I saw this Juvenia on eBay and find it to be a very attractive watch. Juvenia is an interesting brand, perhaps best known for the Juvenia "Protractor", as seen on the wrist of Johnny Depp on the cover of Esquire a few years ago.

This Juvenia meets my criteria laid out in my guide to buying a fake watch from eBay. Does it have a little wear? Yes. Does it appear to be in all original, unpolished condition? Yes. I just think it is a clean and smooth watch. I really like it. Based on the seller's measurement in inches, it is just over 33mm in diameter, but it may wear larger with the thin bezel.

You can see in the shot of the dial with the crystal removed that it is in great condition overall. The crystal appears to have some "crazing" or wear that makes the dial look worse than it is in the first photo.

The high bid is currently at $24.50 at the time of this article.

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