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Five Highlights From The New Patek Philippe Rare Handcrafts Collection

Yesterday, we told you about a Patek Philippe's Rare Handcrafts exhibition in Geneva, which is currently underway through June 26th. We showed you the stunning wristwatches launched in the core collection that incorporate a range of metiers, as well as some of the Rare Handcrafts wristwatches themselves.

Today, we're taking a look at five particularly beautiful pocket replica watches and table clocks from the exhibit. There are many more of these new timekeepers than we were able to feature here. So if you can get to Geneva or are already there, definitely try to check it out. Due to Covid protocols, you will have to register. For more information, visit visit Patek Philippe.

Pocket Watches

992/108J-001 "Lac Blanc"

This yellow gold pocket fake watch has a cloisonné enamel image of one the great sights of the Alps: the view of the Montblanc massif as it appears from Lac Blanc, above Chamonix. The image received a guilloché sunburst decoration for the sky and a hand engraving for the water before the enamel was applied. As these relief works can be seen through the enamel applied on top, they represent examples of flinqué. The crown is set with a blue sapphire cabochon. The dial is in opaque white enamel over yellow gold, with leaf hands and applied Breguet numerals.

A matching yellow gold display stand accompanies the pocket watch, and provides an elegant home base that allows you to enjoy the pocket fake watch even when you're at home wearing a wristwatch. The manually wound caliber 17''' LEP PS with small seconds powers this stunner.

992/149G "Owl"

This unique white pocket fake watch is a hoot. Its back depicts an owl, a symbol of Athena, the Greek goddess of Wisdom. The image uses a range of colors to produce a highly natural and realistic portrait in subtly greyish tones, and was made with miniature painting on enamel. The owl is protected by several layers of flux, a transparent enamel, and had to undergo 29 firings in the kiln before it was complete. Inside is manually wound caliber 17''' LEP PS with small seconds. Its crown is set with a labradorite cabochon. The "Owl" is accompanied by a handcrafted white gold stand on a labradorite base.

Table Clock

25015M "Geneva"

Patek Philippe is certainly no stranger to fashioning maps from cloisonné enamel, but the scope and scale is usually very different from what we have here. The maps are most often depicted on a wristwatch dial and their scope is typically hemisphere or continent-sized, as seen in a world-time watch, like the 2523 Eurasia. Here, Patek Philippe has zeroed in on a beautifully colorful rendition of that very specific and meaningful place at the confluence of the Rhone River and Lac Léman: Patek Philippe's hometown of Geneva. The design, which appears above a subtle barley-grain pattern, is instantly recognizable to anybody who knows Geneva, and makes me yearn for the pre-pandemic days when regular travel to the capital of watchmaking was one of the great perks of the job. The depiction of central Geneva, with its blocks, parks, and famous bodies of water, carries over from the dial to the silver sides of the clock. Each enameled element required 10 to 12 firings at over 800 degrees Celsius. The Geneva table clock is powered by the caliber 17''' PEND TABLE mechanical movement rewound by an electric motor.

Dome Clocks

10021M "Azulejos in Turquoise?/p>

While depictions of the natural world are in abundance in the Rare Handcrafts, so are references to historical art forms. The small-format dome clock here references Spanish and Portuguese azulejos, the geometric ceramic tilework found throughout the in the Iberian peninsula. The artworks are found everywhere, from churches to people's homes. The strong geometry of this clock's design is brought to life through cloisonné enamel, with the some of the finer details rendered in miniature painting on the enamel. A range of colors and levels of translucent enamel had to be tapped to make this object come to life, and each plate underwent about 9 firings in the kiln. Azujelos in Turquoise is powered by the caliber 17''' PEND mechanical movement rewound by an electric motor.

20061M "Mucha, Les Arts"

Instantly evoking the Art Nouveau, "Mucha, Les Arts" is a unique dome clock that pays tribute to a cycle of lithographs by the Czech artist Alphonse Mucha (1860 - 1939) in stunning cloisonné enamel. Specifically, the clock recreates his four allegories of the arts: Music, Painting, Dance, and Poetry, which enjoys an exalted position atop the clock on its dome. Creating this design required 43 enamel colors and each enamel plate had to be fired 14 times at approximately 745 degrees Celsius. As the piece is cloisonné, the intricate enamel design is created within framed gold wire segments. The clock is powered by the caliber 17''' PEND mechanical movement, which is rewound by an electric motor.

For more information on the exhibition, which is filling up fast, visit Patek Philippe.

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