Mera Health Genie is Based on real science of healthy living, totally practical one… and easily affordable, too. Don’t waste good money on bad ideas. Silly fads. Useless gimmicks. Get your real coach on the go!

With Mera Health Genie, you’ll find definitely find success!!

Your Plan Is Made with Detail

All our coaches are physiotherapists and Nutritionists who work round the clock to make your plans very personal. Plans are made personal because our system facilitates a real dialogue between our coaches and our clients so that everyone understands what’s wanted and what’s needed.

All our plans comes with Macro and Micro Ingredients (i.e. the Name of the dish and its ingredients)

The plans also have complete nutritional details of each item that is being prescribed to be eaten in your plan.

Flexi Plans to evolve with your day

We know that no matter how much you plan, things are always bound to come up. So we crafted a program that will not only adjust to your life, it enables you to continue making healthy decisions even when you are in the most difficult situations.

We’ve designed a program that is truly a companion to your real life. Your plan and your coach are always one click away.

We encourage - Constant chats with the coach

In the future, we’ll all be able to read minds. But today, we have to be sure to communicate. We know that the clients who succeed the most, are the clients who communicate with their coach the most.

So we’ve made communication easier than ever before. Easily reply by e-mail, on the website or even through our mobile apps such as whatsapp, Line, Viber Etc.

Eat delicious - yet nutritious - foods

Our meal plans aren’t about getting you used to eating foods that you don’t like. They’re about helping you break unhealthy patterns and introducing you to delicious new foods.

Your coach does all the work and will send you meals and recipes that is a treat for your taste buds and make you look good.

We believe in Swapping it up a bit

We might be accustomed to unhealthy eating, Our Intelli coaches are working hard to provide you the same great taste but by substituting a few unhealthy ingredients with the healthy ones without compromising on the taste.

Get inspired by your workout plan

Your coach aspires to build you a program to make every workout inspire you to keep going and push yourself forward.

Your Mera Health Genie coach takes the time to find the right program for you, so you can skip the trial and error and get it right in the first GO!!

Build a history with your plan

It’s fun to look back and see where you started, and how far you’ve come. We keep a history of the data provided to us as well as the conversations you’ve had with your coach, so you can easily see a history of your progress and everything you’ve learned.

One week at a time

We’re all about planning ahead, so each week we send you your complete plan for the entire week.

It feels good to look so far into the future and see be able to know what’s coming your way!

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